With over twenty-five years in the commercial real estate industry, we have seen a lot. And we've frequently been left unimpressed with the way the big firms provide the same cookie-cutter approach, argue internally over client lists and demolish buildings full of potential.

We believe that a better approach exists.

In 1997, Capitol Equities was launched to create a team unlike other real estate agencies. Since that day, we’ve been tearing down the walls of tradition to build something organic. Our first project, the redevelopment of the Smith Bros’ Hardware Building, was, and is, our calling card to the community; we’re here to do things differently. Our agents work together in the best interest of our clients. Consistently, we apply creative vision to repurpose old buildings into spaces with new life, or structure nontraditional deals on behalf of tenants. We pride ourselves on the open and collaborative environment we foster; both within our team and with our clients.

It’s an approach that works for you. Quite simply, it’s the right way to do things.


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