We help you maximize profits while providing the best facility and tenant relationships possible. That's not just hype. Our management clients include surgery centers, high-security data centers, downtown loft offices and suburban condominium associations.

To ensure you get the most from your asset, we provide customized services based upon your specific property needs:

Property Management & Maintenance

  • A staff of highly trained managers able to handle any maintenance issue or building projects
  • Preventative maintenance inspections to find small problems now, not crises later
  • Routine quality control inspections by management
  • Handle vendor relationships and contracts on your behalf
  • Negotiate contractor and supplier pricing. Leveraging our large portfolio to achieve cost savings.
  • Providing 24/7/365 emergency maintenance support
  • We emphasize professional - from customer service to uniformed team members

Financial & Administrative Duties

  • Budget creation and close monitoring throughout the year
  • Handle accounts receivable/payable
  • Detailed financial reports for owners
  • Provide CAM reconciliations and statements
  • Annual review of property taxes and insurance policies
  • Maintain tenant rosters and handle management communications
  • Attend annual meetings and provide high-level reporting

Shrink your headaches.

So much of property management comes down to prioritizing pain. Which critical repair will you deal with first and where will the money come from? Two decades of management and redevelopment experience have made us experts in mitigating headaches. Whether built in 1915 or 2015, we understand how to keep your building and budget operating effectively and efficiently. We are proactive managers, locating liabilities and providing creative solutions. And your bottom line will realize the benefits of our formidable team.


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