Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their experience with our services. See how we've helped businesses in a variety of ways.

Wagenbrenner Development

“When we need a commercial real estate expert to help with one of our projects, Capitol Equities is a great partner to team up and consult with. They partner with us, providing valuable insight into mixed-use properties and other infill sites that may not be our primary focus.”

– Mark Wagenbrenner

It’s who they are.

“Maybe your business is about how many people you can serve. Or how many problems you can solve. If your firm is creative, in a high-tech or design niche, all the better. From big picture to blocking and tackling, Capitol Equities will help you find a home that fits you and your people. It will listen and work with you to make the most of your resources from bootstrap to scale, to go farther and faster.”

– Andrew Wecker, Esquire

A creative approach to the best solution.

“Capitol Equities and myself have formed a very effective team.  We have been able to standardize lease contract information, set operating expense caps, take advantage of market conditions to reduce rental rates and develop standards for interior design. I have discovered all the staff within Capitol Equities is customer focused. One of my favorite phrases is “Art, there are many ways to make par”.  Together we always take a creative approach to the best solution.”

– Art Hersey

580 N 4th St Suite 120, Columbus, OH 43215

“I have found Capitol Equities to be top of class when it comes to meeting my needs and providing an innovative office environment. The team is solution driven, client focused and always willing to explore ideas that make our space a great place to work. I don’t hear ‘no’ from this team, I hear ‘How can we make that happen?’ It is a refreshing approach in today’s business environment. The leadership team, maintenance team, and support team are some of the finest professionals with which I have worked.”

– Jason Coram

Capitol Equities are a joy

“The people at Capitol Equities are a joy to work with. The maintenance crew is quick to act whenever we have an issue on the property — they are friendly and will routinely stop in and ask if we’re having any problems. The management is approachable and easy to work with. We are being spoiled here!”

– Reed Arts