JR Kern Announced as Capitol Equities President

Columbus, OH (February 10, 2022)

For Immediate Release

Columbus, OH: Upon the 25th anniversary of Capitol Equities Realty’s founding, the next chapter in the company’s story is beginning. JR Kern, Todd Kemmerer’s partner for the past 23 years, has stepped into the role of president of Capitol Equities. While this officially marks the transition of company operations to JR, this hand-over has been evolving behind the scenes for the past few years, and will be seamless to clients and customers in terms of existing relationships and ongoing efforts.

Capitol Equities was founded in 1997 by Todd Kemmerer to meet a specific need for creative, thoughtful representation in the commercial real estate market. Twenty-five years later, the company continues to provide just that – a full range of real estate brokerage and management services with an unparalleled attention to detail and the specifics of its clients’ unique needs. Capitol Equities was founded under the mantra of ‘consider every deal, every property, every budget like you personally owned it’.

As JR’s management of brokerage and management services expanded in recent years, the company has increased both its operations and successes, including positive growth over the past two, tumultuous, years.

“In the 25 years since I began Capitol Equities,” says Todd Kemmerer, “there have been many advances in how the commercial real estate industry functions in terms of technology and marketing, but the fundamental goal of our company has remained the same since day one. To look at every project, every deal, with a fresh, team-supported approach, and to know our clients, their business operations, and real estate needs as well as they do.

“That level of service, working as a true ‘partner’ with our clients, is just as necessary now as it was in 1997. I know that under JR’s direction, the company will continue to follow this philosophy, to the benefit of every client Capitol Equities represents both now and in the future.

“Seeing the company grow under JR’s guidance in recent years, I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished and am excited to see Capitol Equities continue to evolve and adapt.”

As JR looks to the future, with a plan to expand the company’s brokerage services, Capitol Equities is also excited to announce that Ed Fellows, who recently celebrated a decade with the firm, has stepped into a new role of Vice President of Brokerage. This natural promotion comes after years of proven success in the sales and leasing division.

In the midst of these transitions, Todd’s vision and entrepreneurial skills will remain a vital part of Capitol Equities. He will serve in an advisory capacity, mentoring and guiding our sales and management teams, and facilitating relationships with our existing clients.

Says JR Kern, “For the past 23 years of my career, Todd has been a fantastic mentor and partner. I thank him for all of his time and direction for making Capitol Equities what it is today. As I reflect upon our consistent successes, both during bountiful and difficult market cycles, I see our achievements as both a reflection on the ethics we were founded upon – to be adaptable, nimble and creative – and our partnerships with quality clients and projects.

        “And as I look to the future, I’m excited to begin the next chapter of the business, growing it from the foundation that Todd set. We will continue to strive to make our clients’ priorities Capitol Equities’ priorities.”

About Capitol Equities Realty:
Capitol Equities Realty is a full service commercial real estate brokerage and management firm located in Columbus, Ohio. Capitol Equities provides customized, creative real estate solutions for a range of clients from real estate developers, to high-profile central Ohio entrepreneurs, up to Fortune 500 companies. Capitol Equities is perhaps best known for representing quality, creative redevelopments like its flagship project, the Smith Bros’ Hardware Building, located in downtown Columbus.