Gerber, LLC was looking for something radically different. The firm's former home felt suburban and traditional. Its vanilla design was holding back the company - both in talent recruitment and client base. Gerber wanted a new space which accurately reflected their creative culture. A space that attracted the right clients.

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In short, Gerber needed:

  • A 6,000+ square foot suite in an urban location with a dynamic, loft design
  • Arena District preferred, or in close proximity of downtown
  • Within walking distance of restaurants, entertainment, accommodations
  • Easy freeway and airport access
  • And keeping everything else in mind, the icing on the cake was the requirement of a first floor suite with client and employee parking right outside their front door. In downtown Columbus.

We headed up an extensive search, keeping the critical needs in mind, but allowing for unforeseen possibilities. And eventually we found the one – a building in the right location, with an available first floor and potential to secure premium parking.

Finding the right facility was only half the work.

The building and location may have met all the requirements, but the interior was nothing special. It took our vision and experience to know that the space could be transformed into something amazing.

We were there long after the lease negotiations were finished. Guiding the design phase and overseeing the landlord’s construction process. Attending every construction meeting to make sure no corners were cut and every detail was completed with the utmost care.

The result? A beautiful new space to support Gerber’s new creative direction.


I know that finding our new office space, with all of our specific requirements, really was a one in a million request, but Capitol Equities performed beyond expectations. Their in depth knowledge of the creative office market, and their ability to understand construction costs relating to our lease negotiations, they were able to help us visualize the perfect solution in a not so obvious situation. The brand consistency and functionality of the new space has proven to be exactly what we wanted and hoped.

Randall T. Gerber - Founder and Principal


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