By 1995 the former Smith Bros' Hardware factory was in desperate need of a fresh start. Most thought a wrecking ball would be appropriate. After sitting vacant for 15 years, and being gutted by a three-alarm fire, the building's future looked grim. But we still saw the potential for something great.

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20 years later, the Smith Bro’s Hardware Building is an instantly recognizable landmark of the Columbus skyline. To accomplish this vision, our team:

  • Located an investor looking to expand his real estate portfolio in the Midwest
  • Strategized on the appropriate building reuse to complement the changing neighborhood while providing long-term financial stability for the ownership
  • Oversaw design, architecture and construction services to create loft-style, open offices filled with natural light and beautiful views of downtown Columbus
  • Negotiated leases for an in-progress redevelopment which allowed for tenant suite customization
  • Installed state of the art building systems for our tenants’ comfort, efficiency and security while maintaining the distinct, original character of the structure
  • Retained key artifacts of the building’s history to create a one-in-a-million space including a 22′ circular, metal chute, rooftop water tower, original name branding on the building exterior and even graffiti covered columns from its vacant period
  • Provided management and leasing services to maintain the long-term financial success of the project
  • Continuing to adapt to a changing employee demographic, by providing a bike share program and alternative vehicle parking

A place where form and function beautifully meet.

The distinctive loft-style building embodies a strategic combination of vintage character and modern efficiency. With a dynamic personality, the building has consistently attracted an impressive mix of traditional and progressive businesses. When people walk through the doors of the Smith Bro’s Hardware Building, they realize the space is something really special.


We were initially brought to the Smith Bros’ Hardware redevelopment project by Capitol Equities. As development began they served as an advisor, but then were hired in 1997 as the construction and management team when our building was over budget and behind schedule. From that moment until now, we have never been anything but absolutely pleased with Capitol Equities’ performance and willingness to do “whatever it takes” to help make us successful. They always go the extra mile. They always stay within budget. They continually add value to our building and to our relationship. They are simply the best alternative anywhere that we have ever seen. Hiring Capitol Equities Realty has absolutely been the best decision we have ever made.

S. Douglas Cline - Vice President


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