Why You Need a Broker to Lease Your Building

Posted On October 10, 2022 Category Resources

If you want to lease your building, you might be wondering whether you could save some money by doing it yourself, rather than using a commercial real estate broker. However, choosing to forgo a broker could end up being a costly decision. Although it is a landlord’s market, you still need to attract the best tenants in order to maximize…
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The 8 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Leasing Office Space

Posted On March 03, 2016 Category Resources

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or beginning your business journey, you are probably used to the fast paced exciting nature of running a startup. However, securing an office space, and especially the RIGHT office space is not a fast process, nor is it foolproof! Negotiation needs to happen on boths sides of the deal….
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Why You Need to Renew Your Lease Right Now – Even If You Have Years Left

Posted On October 10, 2015 Category Resources

Having the perfect office space with the right leasing terms is crucial to your company’s success. You need the right location, the right space — and the right lease. Unfortunately the lease you signed a few years ago may not be the perfect lease for your business in the future. For the past several years…
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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Creative Space For Your Agency

Posted On June 06, 2015 Category Creative Spaces, Resources

Smart business owners know that the workspace is much more than a building filled with tables, desks, floors and walls. It’s a living environment that comes together to facilitate a specific desired culture. That’s really important in today’s work environment. The culture a company creates has a direct impact on the bottom line. With a…
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