Why You Need a Broker to Lease Your Building

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If you want to lease your building, you might be wondering whether you could save some money by doing it yourself, rather than using a commercial real estate broker. However, choosing to forgo a broker could end up being a costly decision.

Although it is a landlord’s market, you still need to attract the best tenants in order to maximize your profits. Brokers not only help you find top renters, they also assist in negotiating agreements with tenants. They make sure negotiations don’t have a lot of concessions, or consist of terms releasing your control over your property.

Making the choice to trust real estate representation can help you maximize profits by helping you find the right tenants for long-term, high-rent agreements. Here are a few of the key benefits that you achieve by using a real estate broker like Capitol Equities.

Brokers Can Help You Optimize Your Space

Commercial real estate brokers know the ins and outs of how to prepare a space for market. They can give advice that helps you construct, update or modernize a space to attract top-level clients. Presenting your building in its best light is very important for finding good, respectful tenants. While it is possible to upgrade on your own, it can be very difficult for a property owner to look at the space with an objective eye and make design decisions that appeal to a wide range of tenants. Brokers can use their expertise to give valuable guidance that helps you make the most of your space.

Brokers Find Good Tenants

Finding a tenant who wants to lease your building is relatively easy, but finding the right tenant can be much more difficult. Brokers have the networks needed to find good tenants for your property. When you attract the right tenants to your property, you can charge rent that recognizes the high quality of your building and therefore maximize your profits. Brokers can also help you find tenants who are looking for longer-term agreements; which can reduce the amount of time that your property stands empty between tenants and help you avoid the costs associated with finding new tenants. Finally, finding renters who have good references from previous landlords means that you don’t need to worry about damage to your property, or missed rent payments. The right lessee can maximize your bottom line by reducing costs and ensuring that you enjoy a steady stream of rental income. In business rentals with multiple spaces for lease, attracting a thriving business could help to bring in other beneficial business tenants.

Brokers Provide Flexibility

Using a broker at the lease stage provides a third-party mediator who can negotiate the particulars of the lease without compromising the relationship between tenant and landlord. Additionally, a real estate broker like Capitol Equities provides [the expertise to structure the lease] with the most favorable terms, without giving away too many concessions. This results in a solid lease, happy tenant, and an occupied space for the long term!

Why You Need a Broker For Your Building

If you’re leasing your building in the Columbus, Ohio area, a broker can help you keep your rental costs low and your profits high. Brokers can help you find great tenants for your property, and minimize the vacant time between rental contracts.

If you need help leasing your building, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you lease your building. We have an abundance of experience in helping landlords to optimize their space, find the highest-quality tenants for a long-term, high-rent agreement, and create agreements that protect their interests as a landlord.

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