Why Tearing Down The Cubicle Walls Could Be The Best Business Decision You Have Made This Year

Posted On June 06, 2015 Category Office Layouts

Investing in an open office could transform your work culture and bring in the best talent. The entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley start-ups ditched the cubicles years ago to increase employee performance and satisfaction, and their success has spread around the globe.

CNBC reported that workplace productivity increased by 440% among companies who inspired collaboration by switching from a closed-office environment to an open floor plan. Here are 4 ways that a cubicle-free office can improve the way your company works as well.

Facilitate Real-Time Collaboration

The most obvious benefit for the open office is creative collaboration. Project teams can quickly bounce ideas off each other and ask clarifying questions that keep work moving efficiently. On a psychological level, a room without barriers puts everyone on a level playing field, encouraging even the newest or youngest employees to contribute to the company’s business goals. That’s a huge barrier to overcome when inspiring collaboration.

Promote Team-Based Office Culture

Both large and small businesses organize the open office layout by grouping project teams together. This strategy allows camaraderie and mentorship amongst employees. Rather than feeling responsibility for a single task, each member of the group likely “owns” the entire project as the team works closely together to accomplish its goals.

Additionally, training new employees and bringing them up to speed can be simplified by placing them among senior team members. This real-time training helps the new hire to immediately feel like a valued member of the team.

Deliver Flexibility and Cost Reduction

Open offices have the benefit of being flexible and cost-effective. Open offices can be rearranged easily to more adequately fit new employees, new segments, or new team designations.

With a big open space, more employees can fit into less space. Without the need to purchase new cubicles and private office furniture, the company saves substantial money in their facility and furniture costs. The open office typically helps reduce the business’s overall carbon footprint as well.

Attract the Best Young Talent

Your business needs the best talent. The savviest and smartest job-hunters will instantly gravitate towards the open office workspace. They will appreciate the modern appeal of the layout and the open nature of the company, and will want to be a part of that progressive team. Throw in ping-pong, cornhole, happy hours, and lunch-and-learns, and your business will be a magnet for bright minds of all ages.

Open offices are quickly becoming the norm for businesses everywhere. The modern open office layout sparks creativity, promotes teamwork, lowers costs, provides flexibility, and attracts talented employees. Open office layouts answer the shortcomings of the cubicle and provide your business with a space that matches your brand and culture workers.

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