“Location, Location, Location” Are NOT the Three Most Important Words In Commercial Real Estate. Here’s What Really Matters.

Posted On September 09, 2015 Category Creative Spaces

  “Location, location, location.” We have all heard that saying, but it is now considered the old adage in real estate. Is location really the single biggest factor in your commercial space decision? In today’s work culture, the physical address of where you’re working is no longer the most important factor in your office space…
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5 Ways To Attract (And Keep) Top Young Talent To Your Workforce

Posted On June 06, 2015 Category Millenials, Recruiting

It’s no secret that the Millennial Generation is taking over the workforce. The number of people born between 1980 and 2000 is now 91 million strong, and they are beginning to impose their will on the job market and potential employers. And every business is eager to hire the best Millennial talent. But, as you…
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Why Tearing Down The Cubicle Walls Could Be The Best Business Decision You Have Made This Year

Posted On June 06, 2015 Category Office Layouts

Investing in an open office could transform your work culture and bring in the best talent. The entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley start-ups ditched the cubicles years ago to increase employee performance and satisfaction, and their success has spread around the globe. CNBC reported that workplace productivity increased by 440% among companies who inspired collaboration by…
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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Creative Space For Your Agency

Posted On June 06, 2015 Category Creative Spaces, Resources

Smart business owners know that the workspace is much more than a building filled with tables, desks, floors and walls. It’s a living environment that comes together to facilitate a specific desired culture. That’s really important in today’s work environment. The culture a company creates has a direct impact on the bottom line. With a…
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